Electoral Redistribution

As a result of the electoral redistribution of 2013, the boundary of the electorate of Lane Cove for the State election of 28 March 2015 will be different to that at the last State election in 2011.

My Candidacy

As a long term member of the community, I stand to give individuals and communities real choices about our future. We need to re-engage individuals in the process of Government by returning decision making to communities.


Issues of concern at this election, include: planning law; council amalgamations; STEM education; saving the TAFE system; asset sales; the selloff of RNSH land and a host of local issues. I will continue to release policies throughout the campaign. To view my policies to date, click below or contact me about policies I am yet to address.

Supporting Jim

As with his Council Campaign in 2012, Jim’s campaign for the State seat of Lane Cove will be run on a very low budget. He will not be accepting any financial support other than that which may be available from the Election Funding Authority after the election.

Declaration of Interests

As a candidate, when asked about my employment and business interests, I provide this information willingly because I believe candidates should declare such interests when they nominate for election – it is far too late when information about such interests is revealed after conflicts of interest have occurred.

Jim Sanderson
Independent Candidate for Lane Cove
Returning Decision Making
to Communities

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