Jim’s Candidature for Hunter’s Hill Council in 2012

In 2012, after some candidates were already distributing campaign material, Jim made a late decision to run as an ungrouped candidate for Hunter’s Hill’s South Ward. He later suggested there were times in the campaign that were ‘little more than a battle of posters or a contest about which candidate would be toughest on graffiti’.

Jim took a very different approach. He had no leaflets commercially printed and the few posters he had, which were printed on cardboard at Officeworks, were only ever displayed at polling places. Jim wore-out a laser printer, printing messages to his 4000 neighbours about his approach to issues – these messages appeared to resonate with the community.The central themes of his campaign included open and transparent governance and ‘returning decision making power to communities’.

There was both dynamism and a grass roots approach to Jim’s campaign. By printing messages at home, he was better able to address issues as they arose than candidates who had others distributing thousands of dot pointed glossy flyers that had been printed some time before. At the same time, by walking the streets letterbox dropping, Jim engaged with many who shared his views. He later said:

"I have enjoyed all those conversations and it is very heartening when people you don't know show sincere and animated appreciation because you have expressed views that they identify with."

As well as exposing candidates who were less than open about their interests, Jim worked with candidates who genuinely shared his views about preserving the heritage of Hunters Hill. Jim was not elected but his preferences ensured the re-election of Dr Meredith Sheil, who is now Deputy Mayor and has an unparalleled record of voting against inappropriate development.

Jim was one of many who played a role in the changes to Hunter’s Hill Council in 2012. There is a lot more work to be done to improve Council in terms of its administration, basic infrastructure and having Council Officers act in the best interests of the community. We do however have a Council where the great majority of Councillors are very receptive to the reasonably held views of individuals and will act in the best interests of the community who they represent. Isn’t this what local Government should be about?

We now need to extend the same principles to other Local Government Areas and to higher levels of Government. Strong Independent Candidates, acting in the interests of the communities they represent will be an essential element of delivering the kind of reform that will once again see our State and Australia flourish – take some time to look at Jim’s policies.

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Is there an Apostrophe in Hunters Hill?

Some effort has gone into ensuring that material on this website is presented consistently. So it probably appropriate to explain why Hunters Hill is sometimes spelt with an apostrophe but more often not. In preparing material for this website, the convention explained below has been followed.

The most likely source of the name Hunters Hill is Captain John Hunter, the Commander of The First Fleet ship Sirius and the second Governor of New South Wales. So one would expect Hunters Hill to have an apostrophe to express Hunter’s association. However, as the Guidelines for the Consistent Use of Place Names explains: ‘In place names, these forms are to bewritten without apostrophes’. So the suburb name Hunters Hill is spelt without an apostrophe.

However, when the establishment of the Municipality of Hunter’s Hill was Gazetted in January 1861, the name of the Local Government Area included an apostrophe so an apostrophe is used when referring to Hunter’s Hill Council.

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