Declaration of Interests

When I was a candidate for the last Hunter’s Hill Council election, where the business and employment interests of some candidates were at issue, I was asked by a number of people about my interests in these areas. I provided this information willingly because I believe candidates should declare such interests when they put themselves forward for election – it is far too late when information about such interests is revealed after politicians find themselves in positions where conflicts of interest have occurred.

If elected, all my interests will be dealt with in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Members of the Parliament of New South Wales. See the Code of Conduct at: Click here

At this time as a candidate, I believe it is appropriate to declare the interests given below.


I am currently employed as the Officer in Charge of the Mechatronics Laboratories at UNSW Australia.

As an employee of UNSW Australia, I am also a member of the National Tertiary Education Union (‘NTEU’) and a member of the NTEU UNSW Branch Committee – I have represented and advocated for professional staff at enterprise bargaining and have worked on the NTEU Cases Committee. My voluntary work for the NTEU has concentrated on improving the work environment to ensure all staff are provided with conditions and facilities that allow them to perform their work in comfort, dignity and to good effect. However, I oppose Union involvement in political issues that are not relevant to their member’s employment and therefore oppose Union donations to political parties or candidates.

If elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Lane Cove, I will resign from UNSW Australia, the NTEU and all positions held in the NTEU.

Business Interests

I am the sole director of the company James Sanderson Pty Limited (ABN 27 003 911 733) – this company was used for engineering consulting work I performed in the past. The company is no longer active and holds no assets of significant value – the company will be wound up if I am elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Lane Cove.

Real Property

I have owned my own home in Hunters Hill since 1986. I have also owned an investment home unit in Abbotsford since 1990. In 2014, my partner Jean Raymond and I jointly purchased a home unit in Woolwich, over which a mortgage is held. While I continue to renovate my home in Hunters Hill, no property in which I have held an interest has undergone substantial development during the time that I have held that interest.

Other Interests

I own small parcels of shares in companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and have accounts with a bank and two superannuation funds.

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