The State Electorate of Lane Cove

The State Electorate of Lane Cove now includes the suburban locations of: Artarmon (part); Boronia Park; Chatswood West (part); East Ryde; Gladesville; Gore Hill; Greenwich; Henley; Hunters Hill; Huntleys Cove; Huntleys Point; Lane Cove; Lane Cove North (part); Lane Cove West; Linley Point; Longueville; Macquarie Park (part); Monash Park; North Ryde (part); Northwood; Osborne Park; Putney; Riverview; Ryde (part); St Leonards (part); Tambourine Bay; Tennyson Point; and Woolwich.

NSW State Electoral Redistribution 2013

As a result of the electoral redistribution of 2013, the boundary of the electorate of Lane Cove for the State election of 28 March 2015 will be different to that at the last State election in 2011.

Summary of Lane Cove Electoral Boundary Changes

Most changes are to the western and northern boundaries of the electorate of Lane Cove – this part of the electoral boundary now runs along: Church Street (Ryde); Devlin Street (Ryde); Victoria Road (Ryde); Princes Street (Ryde); Buffalo Road (Ryde); Aitchander Road (Ryde); Niara Street (Ryde); Quarry Road (Ryde); Badajoz Street (Ryde – North Ryde); Coxs Road (North Ryde); Blenheim Road (North Ryde); Epping Road (North Ryde – Macquarie Park); Lane Cove Road (Macquarie Park); The Lane Cove River; Epping Road (Lane Cove North); Extension of Mowbray Road West (Lane Cove North); Mowbray Road West (Lane Cove North); Pacific Highway (Artarmon); Entrance to Gore Hill Freeway (Artarmon); Broughton Road (Artarmon); and the North Shore Rail Line (Artarmon – St Leonards). The Forum at St Leonards Station is part of the electorate of Lane Cove.

The eastern and southern boundaries of the electorate are almost unchanged – this part of the boundary runs along: The North Shore Rail Line (St Leonards); River Road (St Leonards); Russell Street (Wollstonecraft); Berry Creek; Gore Cove; and the Parramatta River from Manns Point to Ryde Bridge, although parts of these waterways are now part of the electorate.

Electoral Maps

A map which shows the electorate of Lane Cove as it will be for the State election of 28 March 2015 is available at: Click here

You can also search for your address to determine the electorate you live in using the interactive map at: Click here

Verifying Your Enrolment

The Electoral Commission has updated enrolment details following the Redistribution.
You can now check your enrolment under the new boundaries by phone 1300 135 736 or using their enrolment verification facility at: Click here

Polling Places

On Saturday 28 March 2015, Polling Places will be open from 8:00am until 6:00pm.

Polling Places for the Electorate of Lace Cove can be found on the NSW Electoral Commission website,
for addresses see:
for map see:

Voting other than at Polling Places

Depending on your circumstances you may be able to vote at a pre-poll location, by post or using iVote. For these details or for information about assistance when voting refer to the Electoral Commission website at: Click here

Enrolling to Vote

If you are not enrolled to vote, refer to the Electoral Commission website at: Click here

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