About Jim Sanderson

Jim Sanderson has lived nearly all his life in Hunters Hill, in his earlier years being actively involved in local sporting clubs including Hunters Hill Sailing Club when it was based at Onions Point, Hunters Hill Rugby Club and Greenwich Sailing Club.

Education and Career

Jim was educated at Hunters Hill Public School, Hunters Hill High School and the University of Sydney where he graduated in engineering.

Jim’s early career as a design and project engineer, included substantial contributions to projects including the construction of the Parliament House Flagmast and numerous designs and projects for the food, brewing and chemical industries. Later as Engineering Manager at Johnson Engineering, Jim led a team responsible for the design of equipment for the gas industry including large cryogenic road tankers.

Jim has for some time run the Mechatronics Laboratories at the University of New South Wales, now UNSW Australia, where he graduated with a Master of Engineering Science. He firmly believes the teaching of engineering must involve extensive laboratory work where students are able to compare their analysis with the performance of real systems and that moving teaching in schools in this direction would attract more students to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (‘STEM’) disciplines.

More recently, Jim has studied law, graduating from UNSW with Bachelor of Laws in 2009 and a Master of Laws in 2013, which he completed with a distinction average.

Political Engagement

Although never a member of a political party, Jim has been politically active. Notably in a public forum in 2002, it was Jim who asked then Premier Bob Carr a series of well-directed questions about his Government’s proposal to close Hunters Hill High School – later that afternoon, the Government changed its mind.

Jim’s submissions to the NSW Planning System Review recommended amendments to planning law aimed at reducing misrepresentations made in development applications – a problem that not only can lead to inappropriate development but also drains productivity because resources are wasted dealing with such applications.

In 2012, Jim was a candidate for South Ward in the Hunter's Hill Council election, where he advocated a more open and transparent Council and set out policies directed at making Council more responsive to community interests and better able to fairly consider all aspects of development decisions, which among other things would lead to better preservation of the character of the Municipality. Jim was not elected but received a historically high vote for an ungrouped candidate. He is now a very active member of Council’s Public Transport and Traffic Advisory Committee where he has been a strong advocate for a number of issues, including improving disabled access.

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