Preferences are Vitally Important

Ensure Your Vote is not Exhausted

As NSW has an optional preferential voting system for Legislative Assembly elections, it is extremely important that you allocate enough preferences to ensure your vote is not exhausted with the elimination of candidates who do not have some prospect of election.

Realistically, as an Independent Candidate in an electorate that is regarded as a safe Liberal seat, I acknowledge that the chances of my election are slim. If you choose to vote 1 for me, I urge you to continue to cast second, third or however many preferences are required to ensure your vote counts.

I hope by 28 March, I will have articulated my position with sufficient clarity for voters to appreciate where I stand. So if you have looked closely enough at policy to choose to vote for me, you will know where your priorities lie and will not need to be told where to cast your preferences. So as strongly as I urge you to cast preference votes, I do not intend to allocate preferences on my how to vote material.

Make Your Vote Count

Although I appreciate much of the work done by the O’Farrell and Baird Governments, I have been extremely disappointed with their performance in planning, their anything goes approach to development, their failure to recognise the essential role of the TAFE system and a range of other matters. So I hope that many who share my perspective, who would otherwise vote for our Liberal member, will choose to vote for me as a truly independent representative voice.

If you do not to want to see our incumbent member re-elected but plan to vote for a candidate other than me, I would like to recommend that you place your 2nd preferencewith me – my policies do after all address many of the issues that are of concern to the ALP and more moderate Greens. In the event that it is necessary to distribute preferences, my elimination from the count is likely to see a substantial portion of my preferences flow back to the Liberal Party to re-elect the incumbent.

I would like to see a real contest for the seat of Lane Cove. Obviously, I would like to receive your 1st preference but if you must vote for someone else, placing your 2nd preference with me could help keep the contest alive.

Make your vote count by making best use of your preferences.

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